Photo Booths for Every Occasion

We now offer 4 different photo booth styles to fit your needs.  All four produce the same professional results!  Our “small” hard-paneled booth comfortably seats 3 adults on a 48″ wide bench. It works great indoors or outdoors.  Our Ultimate Photo Booth has an elegant soft-sided design and easily accommodates 6-8 adults, although we have had more on occasion.  Because of the soft-sided design, space is not restricted in the same way as a hard-paneled design.  It has removable stools, so you can either sit or stand inside the booth.  If you require even more space, we now offer a 10′ x 10′ Photo Lounge, large enough to accommodate a sofa or other furniture and up to 20 people at a time. Or, if space is really limited, we now offer an Open Air booth with no sides or back.  The Open Air Tower only takes up a space of about 2’x4′ so it will fit in almost any nook or cranny..

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